Hughes Juniper
Digitalis (foxglove) Camelot Rose
Thompson Greenhouse, kansas bedding tomato vegetable herb plants
Double Knock-out rose, Knock Out Sunny, Double Pink Knock Out, Pink Knock Out
rocky mountain red geraniums
Close up of the viloet Torenia (wishbone flower). partial sun, containers
Anthony Waterer Spirea, Caryopteris Sunshine Blue, Hypericum kalmianium (St. Joh
Angelonia Angelface Blue (summer snapdragons)
Varigated Weigela and Forsythia Show-Off Starlet
Double Lemon MiniFamous Calibrachoa
11 May

Tips for Healthy Container Plantings

More and more gardeners are adding color to their homescapes with container gardens.  There are many benefits to container plantings, but one of our top reasons for planting in containers is variety.  We love mixing and matching different colors and textures from pot to pot, from year to year.  When planting in a container, there are a few things to keep in mind for the greatest success.

29 Apr

May Garden Calendar

May 1 is traditionally the date when you can be assured that the final frost is behind us and full flower and vegetable planting can begin.  The complete garden calendar for May is now available!

29 Apr

Bird and Butterfly Gardens

Would you like to attract hummingbirds to your yard?  Or maybe butterflies?  Maybe you would like to encourage pollenation in your vegetable garden by planting bee-friendly plants nearby.  Or, you are allergic to bees and don't want them to be especially attracted to your flower garden.  Thompson Greenhouse has put together a list of plants we carry that will help you plan accordingly.