Crimson Pygmy Barberry, Wintergreen Korean boxwood
Digitalis (foxglove) Camelot Rose
Hughes Juniper
Thompson Greenhouse, kansas bedding tomato vegetable herb plants
We have numerous round and oval  french gardens reasonably priced.
rocky mountain red geraniums
Close up of the viloet Torenia (wishbone flower). partial sun, containers
Sunpatien Compact Orange
16 Apr

The Sounds of Spring!

To me, there really seems to be no other season that audibly praises our Creator like spring.  It may sound cliché, but it is so true.  Birds singing, rain clapping, insects buzzing, new leaves rustling. May you take time this week to rest and listen to the many sounds of creation. 

14 Apr

Shrub Photos added to Photo Album!

We have an excellent selection of shrubs for you to choose from this year. Evergreen? Flowering? Fall color? Traditional standards? A new spin on an old favorite? There is something for everyone. In addition to a full description of each variety, we provide you a hyperlink to more information and photos, and a photo of the shrub as it sits at our shop. Visit our photo album now

09 Apr

Growing Season 2012 – Gardening for the Senses

At Thompson Greenhouse, our spring retail season lasts just nine short weeks, but the inspiration for gardening starts long before we open and continues long after we close.  So this season, we are dedicating our weekly educational topics to the many ways the growing season becomes physically real to us – through our senses.