2013 Must Have Annuals - So Far

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This year we again have a fantastic selection of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees.  While Mother Nature seems to be reluctant to let Spring arrive this year, we are hopeful that you all will be able to begin your planting soon.  In anticipation of warmer weather, let me tell you about a few of the annuals I am most excited about in the greenhouse this year.  So far anyway. 

While we grow more and more product from seed every year, we regularly get in new product from another family-owned greenhouse in Montezuma, KS. Hyperlinks are provided below for you to learn - and see - more of these fantastic annuals we currently have in stock.

Superbells Calibrachoa.  This year we have in two new mini-petunias - lemon slice and cherry star.  Customers have been raving about them.  Both Proven Winner selections, you are bound to have success with these in your full sun landscapes and containers. Lemon slice is yellow and white varigated, while cherry star is a cheerful pink with a bright yellow star in the middle.

Heliotropium Simply Scentsational.  Because we haven't ever grown this before, I like to call it the year's most promising plant.  Another Proven Winner selection, this softly fragrent, pastel blue and yellow plant is heat and drought tolerant, and is a favorite of butterflies and hummingbirds. 

Supertunia Raspberry Blast. The final Proven Winner in my list of annuals, this flower thrived last year on the grounds of Barclay College, here in Haviland. And we all remember how miserable the summer of 2012 was on our plants.  Splashes of pink accentuate this full trailing petunia.

Bliss Scarlet Tuberous Begonia.  For years I have reluctantly carried tuberous begonias.  The flowers are absolutely beautiful - the stems - ridiculously fragile.  So this year when our grower told us how the Bliss Scarlet has a stronger stem, I figured I would give them one more whirl.  From the moment they arrived, I knew they were not kidding.  It's early in the season, so I may change my mind, but this shade loving scarlet red flower is one I'm not afraid to touch. They even do well as houseplants.

Million Gold Melampodium.  Not a really impressive plant in the sales container.  But wait until July and August when it is in your landscape.  Wow!  Beautifully rounded plant covered with bright yellow daisy-like flowers.  When they say it is heat and drought tolerant, they are not kidding.

Americana Geranium White Splash.  Every year I try a new color of geranium.  Last year this light pink to white geranium with a bright pink center was a hit with customers.  Sold out in a day.  So this year we brought in extra; if you like geraniums, these are a great way to add some variety to your patio pots.

Flutter Red Flash Impatien.  Shade loving, semi-double impatiens that remind me of a peppermint candy. That's the main reason they are on my list. They make me think of the dish of peppermint candy on my grandma's coffee table. Come on down to the greenhouse and see if we have that plant that speaks to your heart. And when you find it, be sure and share your story with us!