About Us

"I just want to plant some seeds and watch them grow."

These were the words that started it all in December 2009.  My husband Brandon spoke them to his father Steve one afternoon as he was contemplating what he wanted to do with his life. He was getting ready to turn 40 after all, so a little soul searching was in order. His favorite time of year was spring when he got to create a new flower bed somewhere,  plant a new tree, or replant grass in a new area of our property. 

Steve, famous around these parts for his "family" tomato gardens of 70-plus plants, perked up immediately.  They began to talk seriously about opening a greenhouse.  For years, our family patronized Hayes Greenhouse in Greensburg, KS for all our garden plants.  But the tornado of 2007 destroyed the operation, leaving us without our favorite grower.  We visited with its owner and did a little research online.  We purchases a used greenhouse on Craig's List and got started.  Steve owned some property on the edge of Haviland that had electrical and water hook-ups, plus it was close to our homes.  That, my friends, is the only benefit to the location - as it is about as far off the beaten path as you can get.   But, when your hobby turns business overnight, you try to keep things economical and convenient.

The first year, we decided to simply purchase wholesale plants from local growers and resell.  The local community blessed us greatly with their business and encouragement.  We learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.  Because we started small, and because it is just a seasonal shop, both Brandon and I keep our day jobs and employ our friends and neighbors to help with retail sales.  We now grow many of the vegetables and flowers from seed and have expanded with shrubs, trees, potting soil, mulch, and basic fertilizers.

At Thompson Greenhouse, we are not the mega-nursery with 1000s of options, nor are we the discount retailer with questionable quality.  We are a neighborhood business that prides itself on building relationships with our customers and taking the mystery out of gardening (because if we can do it - so can you).  Our shop is clean and homey; our plants are healthy and well cared for.  We like to try new varieties of plants and encourage our customers to recommend their favorite things.  We love our community, and encourage you to visit other businesses in town - Origins Coffeehouse, a barber shop, and a unique hardware/grocery store that serves lunch on weekdays.  Haviland is also home to Barclay College, which features flowers by Thompson Greenhouse in selected areas on its campus.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our business.  We hope to see you soon!

Diane Thompson
March 2017